Safety railings

Alsina has a wide range of guardrails, both to provide protection to its slabs formwork systems and to protect the slab after pouring. The different solutions protect the worker from possible falls on the perimeter and internal holes of the slab. Their placement is quick and easy, ensuring the work during the job.

  • Greater sense of security.
  • Greater productivity: only one worker can handle and position each unit in approximately 12 seconds, significantly faster than assembling wooden planks.
  • Logistical improvements: the mesh is sent to the work site in a container, which facilitates movement and storage.
  • Quality guarantee: Certified according to standard UNE-EN 13374 for temporary edge protection systems according to class A and B.
Guardrail range

Alsina has 4’-11”, 3’-11 1/4” and 3’-3 3/8” (1.5, 1.2 and 1 meter) high Guardrails, optimal for solving every kind of slab.


To connect the Guardrails to the formwork system, Alsina has different supports according to different formwork types. To accommodate the 3’-11 1/4” and 4’-11” (1.2 and 1.5) Guardrails in the slab we must use basquit.


Plastic holder that casted-in the concrete every 6’-6 3/4” (2 meters) leaves a hole of 5 1/8” (13 cm) deep where we insert any guardrail for perimeter safety railings. It’s provided with a plastic cap avoiding concrete residues inside.


See our catalogs and technical manuals in the download section.


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