SCAP System for Piers

The most versatile bridge pier formwork Alsina has developed a bridge pier formwork system called SCAP (High Performance Bridge Pier System).

The system solves bridge pier construction, no matter how complex, providing productivity and complete safety.

The use of SCAP avoids the need for scaffolding support and is therefore especially useful in bridge piers seated on uneven terrain. In addition, this feature greatly facilitates formwork release using sliding wedges and reduces multiple repetitions of movements.

The Alsina Bridge Pier SCAP system has multiple applications:

  • Bridge Piers
  • Slab Cantilevers
  • Wall Abutments
  • High performance working platforms.

Thanks to its module-based components, SCAP can be used to build bridge piers, no matter how complex the geometry involved, using a wide range of measurements

Considerable savings:

Bridge pier construction with SCAP does not require scaffolding because the load is transmitted by taking advantage of the stress capacity of the pier shaft. In addition to the savings presented by this technique, it is decisive when building takes place on uneven terrain where it is difficult to seat the scaffolding.

High productivity:

The compact SCAP structure allows for fast and safe formworking while facilitating transfer to new concrete placing sites.


By using phenolic plywood board as the formworking surface, SCAP provides an optimal finish in architectural concrete quality.