Sewage Treatment Plant Adeje Arona (Spain)

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Sewage Treatment Plant Adeje Arona (Spain)

Alsina is participating in the construction of the wastewater treatment plant that will serve the municipalities of Arona and Adeje in Tenerife.
The project, which brings together the main features of the typical structures of wastewater treatment plants, is perfectly suited to Alsina’s extensive experience in implementing such projects.

So far Alsina has been supplying Alisply Walls and Circular Alisply equipment for the implementation of straight and curved walls, as well as scaffolding and C-160 Climbing System for the execution of walls in height.

Adeje Arona UTE, the company that manages the project, is fully satisfied with both Alsina’s formwork equipment and the technical support provided on site, and has strongly emphasized the great finish of the walls.

Location: Tenerife (Spain)
Completion date: 2015