Site stair tower

Auxiliary element designed to facilitate the access and movements of operators on site.

The stairway is composed by Alsina multidirectional connection elements (8 connections per angle), which enable a quick and easy assembly for different applications.

Manufactured with high resistant steel and the multidirectional connection technique the system is watertight and safe.

The base of the standard stairway is, 57 x 2,57 m2; its height is unlimited due to the easiness of the vertical multidirectional connection; once it is anchored to an structural element it allows multiple modulations reaching even and uneven height ranges.

  • The multidirectional elements allow multiple applications on site.
  • Special tools are not needed for assembly and it can be adapted to any required dimension.
  • System patented and certified for its application.
  • Maximum service load: 440 ibs (200 Kg/m2).