Springform Columns

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Springform Columns

High performance formwork system for cylindrical pillars. The formwork consists of a made-to-measure fibreglass mould and has a single vertical steel joint that incorporates the pillar closing system.

The closing system is made by the use of handset wedges and bolts; a single hammer tap closes the pillar.

Springform pillars is the ideal product for implementing large amounts of pillars with the same mould and therefore, it is cost-effective on site. It provides a smooth surface finish and a single vertical joint.

The system is flexible, quick, light and allows more than 100 applications. Maximum assembly and releasing easiness.

  • Smooth concrete surface and a single vertical joint in the pillar.
  • Quick and easy to handle; due to its reduced weight the use of a crane is not necessary.
  • Its performance on site is around 100 applications, depending on the maintenance; quite higher than the wood and cardboard systems.