TC360 Heavy Duty Tower

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TC360 Heavy Duty Tower

The TC360 Heavy Duty Tower is a modular shoring system with a high load capacity designed mainly for shoring civil works structures. The main advantage of the system is that it shares many pieces from the MF system that makes the system extremely versatile.

It can solve almost any solution without especial pieces only sharing standard pieces. All the solutions contains the MF beam. Combining the different lengths with all the accessories, allows the system the capacity to solve as mentioned previously.


• Few parts allows different shoring configurations.
• Quick and safe one-site erection
• Heights up to 30m.
• Jacks extensions for any Camber and Inclination.
• Fine height adjustment.
• Up to 1400KN of capacity.
• Integrated safety system
• Hydraulic stripping system
• Complete bracing system for high capacity assemblings

  • Bridges, roads, caps, repetitive horizontal structures and columns, facade stabilization.
  • Multiform System


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