The UH Biomedical Building in Houston (USA)

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The UH Biomedical Building in Houston (USA)

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Texas (USA) has successfully completed its collaboration in the construction of the Biomedical Research building at the University of Houston, in charge of the customer Concrete Building Solutions, part of the Tellepsen Group, which hired Alsina’s Houston delegation as their main supplier for formwork systems and solutions for the project.

This non-residential construction consists of a concrete structure of post-tensioned slabs, with a total area of ​​60,000 square meters and 10 floors, completely dedicated to biomedical research.

In order to implement this project, Alsina has supplied their Multiform Tables, Alupilar, G50– post shores and Alisply-M formwork systems, without the need to design any product adapted to the project given the versatility of Alsina’s formwork solutions.

It is worth noting that Alsina’s Multiform tables system is specially designed for projects with large dimensioned slabs, and with a surface area where the corresponding pier distribution has a regular geometry, hence the system has greatly helped to achieve the implementation of the work according to the rhythms and cycles planned by the customer, as Ruben Lorente, Alsina’s Houston Technical Manager stated: “By using Multiform tables we were able to get the rhythms and cycles planned by the customer, since one of its characteristics that make it ideal for this type of project is that it can be moved by crane to a new start set without dismantling the formwork and also being adaptable to any height”.

On the other hand, Lorente explains that the lighter slabs (pan deck type, which is an unidirectional reliever) with post-tensioned hanging beams were resolved in most plants by using Multiform tables and 3.5m A-lite Post-shores with 0.5 meters extensions to suit different heights. “Also, columns was implemented with Alupilar system, a version of Alispilar system for column formwork in a lighter aluminum version, doing variable pillar sections of 60, 70 and 80 centimeters in some cases,” added Lorente.

This successful experience with the American construction company Building Concrete Solutions joins other projects developed with this company as the Texas Children’s Hospital, where Alsina has also worked as their formwork supplier.

Location: Houston, USA
Completion date: 2017