Triple-Hinged Corner

The Triple-hinged corner developed by Alsina is the updated and inexpensive way to form elevator and staircases cores and shafts.

This part allows to form and strip cores and move the complete assembly to the next pour in a easy and fast way all together.


The Triple-Hinged Corner system is easy to use and simplifies forming and stripping. Preassembled thread protected turnbuckles simplify forming and stripping process.


The Triple-Hinged Corner is manufactured in heights of 3´-3 3/8´´ and 9´-10 1/8´´ (1 and 3 meters), bing totally compatible to the Alisply Walls System.


The Triple-Hinged Corner is completely compatible with the Alispy Wall System panels and accessories, including the climbing systems and interior platforms becoming a perfect match.


Its simple design and efficiency considerably optimizes budgets for items where the hinged corner is put to use.


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