Very versatile light formwork for walls adaptable to any geometry. The system is quick joining, which makes for high-productivity assembly. With just four panel widths, a unique corner and a few easily installed accessories, it is possible to adapt to any geometry.

Light and Manageable

The panel modules can be transported and assembled by a single person, because their light weight and manageability makes it possible to use them without a crane (30 kg/m2). This is due a combination of metal for structural elements and a phenolic resin coated plywood board.


The panel system not only gives high quality results, but also provides important costs savings in comparison with other formwork system.


The panels support loads of up to 40 kN/m2. Since the formwork is industrialized, panels can be manufactured that meet international safety and quality standards.


Its galvanized finish and design, which allow the phenolic resin to be reversible and both plywood faces usable, gives the product the features necessary to be of very frequent service in the work.


The ease of assembly and disassembly make it a high productivity system. The joining pieces of the Wallite Connecting Clamp (33950) are designed so that they can be fixed in place with just a hammer, meaning that the worker does not need to use special tools. Plus, just one corner solves the formworks of the inside corner, outside corner,inside and outside hinged corners and the inside fixed corner, locked with its own WALLITE clamp.


The modular panels open up a wide range of construction possibilities, and can be adapted to any geometry without the need of other elements. They can be used for any type of work which needs a good finish, from small surfaces to large areas. They are also a solution for single sided walls, foundations, flagstone overflow, beams, columns and any vertical structure.

Chamfer strip assembly spring

The Alispilar chamfer strip and spring can be coupled to the Wallite system to provide a small chamfer on the corners.