Ysabella Tower in Monterrey (Mexico)

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Ysabella Tower in Monterrey (Mexico)

Alsina’s Mexican delegation is currently participating in the construction of the Torre Ysabella complex, located on the top of one of the hills that surrounds the city of Monterrey. The building has an amazing view over the valley and the colony Fuentes del Valle in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, Nuevo Leon state.

The project involves the construction of a surface of more than 45.000 m² in a tower that is 100 meters high, which makes it one of the tallest buildings in the city and one of the icons in the area.

Alsina Mexico is providing the formwork solutions for the entire project.
For the horizontal elements formwork they are using Alsina’s Mecanoflex system in the slabs of typical height and the CL-40 Shoring system in the first floors, levels and slopes of the project, which allows a very good pace of work progress.

On the other hand, vertical elements are being implemented by means of the Alisply Walls formwork system, a resistant, versatile and compatible system regarding its accessories with each of Alisly’s family systems, which makes the use of the equipment very profitable on the job. The surface of the Alisply system is phenolic, so it offers multiple advantages over metallic surfaces, such as lower weight, higher quality of concrete, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather. In addition, Alsina’s C-160 Climbing System and Interior Climbing System are also being used for the implementation of the concrete elevator boxes.

Location: Mexico
Completion date: 2017