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Alsina’s twitter account will celebrate its 5th anniversary. @Alsina Formwork started tweeting in 2012 and since then has shared more than 5.100 tweets and more than 1.500 photos and videos with its followers, which were mote than one thousand (1.030) at the beginning of this year 2016 and are more than 1.300 nowadays.
Alsina’s Twitter account was one of the company’s first incursions into social networking, to which later were added YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Since then Alsina has been gradually promoting all different platforms and social networks where the company has presence, achieving an increasing number of followers and visitors that has grown steadily.

Thus, Alsina Group currently manages a digital community of more than 200,000 people in the leading social networks:

  • LinkedIn has 2.658 followers on the company corporate website.
  • YouTube data recorded almost 186.980 visits to its gallery with over 100 corporate videos.
  • On Twitter we have 1.340 followers and have posted more than 5.100 tweets.
  • On Facebook Alsina has more than 32.583 followers

Alsina has created their corporate profiles on each of these networks in order to connect their brand values ​​differently, so that the content strategy is based on differentiating each social network user to provide them with a brand experience in line with their needs.

Data, therefore, indicates that 2017 will continue to be a year of growth for Alsina’s social networks, which allow the company to have direct and updated contact with its customers and followers, being an indispensable complement to its website, which was renewed last year. It is for this reason that Alsina Formwork wants to thank all its followers in social networks for their participation and to extend an invitation to all those who do not form part of them yet.






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