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COFIDES will support the global expansion of the company Encofrados J. Alsina. In doing so, COFIDES will provide an ordinary loan for 5 million euros of its own resources in order to consolidate the market of its affiliates, to seize new business opportunities and to improve its facilities and machinery.

Grupo Alsina has confided in COFIDES’ financial capacity to develop its international presence in Chile, Peru, Mexico and the Philippines since 2014.

After signing the agreement, the Chairman of COFIDES, José Luis Curbelo, highlighted “the strong collaboration between COFIDES and Grupo Alsina throughout recent years; this support has significantly contributed to this company’s global development, laying the foundations for the successful expansion that has marked its trajectory”.

The Managing Director at Encofrados J. Alsina, Jaume Alsina, noted that “we feel very proud that COFIDES still believes in our global project and that allows us to move forward with our deployment in the countries we’ve recently arrived in”.

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