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Curicó Hospital

WE ARE one of the international leaders in the implementation of NON RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS

Alsina’s Chilean delegation is participating with great success in the construction of the Curicó Hospital, an important health complex located at 188 km. at the south of Santiago, in the Region of the Maule, in charge of the client OHL.

This new hospital will replace the previous one, which collapsed in the 2010 earthquake, and therefore will offer better performance, greater capacity and a modern construction with an anti-seismic system. The planned investment cost for the implementation of this hospital is 230 million euros.

This new hospital building will be built on a plot of land of 102.930m2 and will have 400 beds for patients, distributed in 12 pavilions with 7 floors and 2 basements, as well as other specialized medical facilities, a parking area with capacity for 800 vehicles and a heliport. It is planned that the works will be extended for 4 years and that BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology will be applied in its implementation.

Alsina: versatile and effective solutions for facilities construction

For this important project, Alsina Chile is supplying its Mecanoflex Formwork Beams and Slabs as well as the Modular Hanging Beam System (VCM) for the horizontal structures and the Alisply Walls and Alisply Multipurpose systems for the formwork of walls and columns. It is expected to solve around 110.000m2 of slabs, 40.000m2 of walls and columns, as well as 30.000 linear meters of formwork for hanging beams.

Alsina’s recoverable Friendly Beam VCM (Modular Hanging Beam) system is the only recoverable formwork system designed specifically for hanging beams forming that allows to recover up to 80% of the equipment within 72 hours after concreting. This is a metal system with easy assembly that solves the problems arising from the use of timber and non-recoverable formwork beams, composed of elements made of reinforced steel frame and phenolic surface. With this new system, Alsina helps to achieve an orderly, safe and cost-effective process when shuttering beams, since it is designed to reduce the time and improve the quality of the formwork and stripping of the beams.

On the other hand, at the Engineering level it is worth mentioning the solution for the capitals formwork where the seismic insulators will be placed, mainly in level -2 (beams) by means of special pieces, and the modulation of windows to empty the concrete (Concreting) in the formwork of the walls up to 7 meters high.
Regarding the project logistics, it is worth highlighting Alsina’s great technical and logistical capacity as a supplier of formwork, since Alsina Chile has provided an optimum response to the Engineering and production parameters required by the client for this great project, thanks to its experience of more than 10 years participating in important projects in the country, in addition to successfully introducing for the first time and in a massive way the new Alsina’s modular and recoverable formwork system for Modular Hanging Beams (VCM).

Project Details
Curicó, Chile
Non Residential Building
Mecanoflex, Modular Hanging Beam, Alisply Walls, Alisply Universal


Alisply Universal
Alisply Voiles


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