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La Paloma Biomethanisation Plant

Industry and energy
We has executed various projects related to industry and energy sectors

Alsina participated in the construction of La Paloma Biomethanisation Plant in Spain.

The Alsina C-240 Climbing Platform system allowed for a quick movement of the unit formed by the wall plus the jumpform. When concreting at a height of 5.40 m, having a stripping carriage considerably reduced the number of crane movements required. This made it possible to achieve highly productive working rates during the tasks of formworking and stripping the systems.

The greatest savings in crane use were made when building the circular digesters at a height of 20 m.

Project Details
Madrid, Spain
Industry and Energy
Reinforced Scaffold, C240 Climbing System, Alisply Walls, Vistaform Slabs, Alisply Circular Walls



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Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant
Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant

Alsina has successfully completed their contribution as provider in the construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the Cerro Verde Mining Project in Arequipa

Textile Factory
Textile Factory

Located in the south of Lima (Peru), the Textile Factory building is a project of great importance to the province of Lima

Oil refinery expansion
Oil refinery expansion

Alsina participated in the construction of an oil refinery expansion in Spain.

Flour Tanks
Flour Tanks

Alsina participated in the construction of two main buildings a deposit for cereal and a warehouse for grain cleaning in Italy

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