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Alsina offers 8 Alsipercha system solutions


The Alsipercha is one of Alsina’s Group star safety products, not only in the construction industry, but also in the fields of industry and logistics.

Now Alsina offers eight Alsipercha system solutions so it can be adapted to a wide range of situations in these sectors.


The Alsipercha is a personal fall arrest system, consisting of a steel body and a self-retractable lifeline that locks when acceleration occurs during a fall through its built-in “ energy absorber” system, providing the operator with total freedom of movement so he can safely perform his job.

Its main advantages are: it is a preventive system (fall factor “0”) -that avoids the accident before it occurs-, it is a simple, fast and intuitive assembly product, it helps to increase productivity since the operator acts with the confidence of knowing that he is completely safe at all times, and contributes directly to the reduction of work accidents when there is a high falling risk.

In order to make the most of it in different environments and situations, Alsina has developed eight solutions that adapt the Alsipercha to the diverse needs of our customers:


1.- Alsipercha + Housing tube: this solution provides an anchor point above the operator and allows him to safely perform the operations of formwork decking, installation of guardrails, gallows- type safety nets, formwork risers and in general, all formwork assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights.

2.- Alupercha + Housing tube: This light version of the Alsipercha, which only weights 19 kg, allows its installation and relocation on site without the need of using a crane, hence reducing costs. With a simple assembly and easy use, it does not require external specialized staff to be assembled and is compatible with the entire range of Alsipercha accessories.

3.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + Column clamps: these are the perfect accessories to get the Alsipercha’s advantages in practically any kind of environment, especially when steel columns like IPE, IPN, HEB are available. Its advanced adjustable opening and closing design (with widths from 150mm to 450mm), allows to increase its installation possibilities covering the most common steel columns on the market. Thus the operator has completely effective, reliable overhead fall protection with and simple, quick and intuitive installation.

4.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + Tripod: This combination allows taking full advantage of the Alsipercha benefits in the widest range of environments. With a quick, simple and intuitive installation process, the tripod allows two possible anchor point height configurations: 5.5m (with 2m tripod) or 6.5m (with 3m tripod), providing a reliable, safe and effective anchor point in spaces or areas where the existing characteristics prevent or limit it.

5.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + MF counterweight system: this is a system specifically designed to load and unload trucks. It does not require any anchoring for its installation, since it uses the vehicle’s weight as a counterweight to guarantee the stability of the system in the event that it is activated by the fall of the operator. It provides all Alsipercha´s possibilities and advantages in those spaces or work zones where there is no possibility to install any fixing or propping element or the characteristics of the ground are unknown. The advanced design includes 3 built-in adjustable supports to correct possible unevenness on the surface, hence guaranteeing an optimal use of the Alsipercha system.

6.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + Post for reduced spaces: thanks to its small dimensions and strong built, this combination is perfect for environments where there is a significant space restriction and a fall protection system is needed, mainly within industrial environments. With a quick, simple and intuitive assembly process, the post serves as support for the Alsipercha, providing a 6.5m overhead anchor point. Its innovative design allows to slightly correct unevenness detected on the ground where it is installed in order to ensure the Alsiperchas´ position.

7.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + Wall Bracket: thanks to its robust design and easy assembly, the Wall bracket is the perfect accessory to install the Alsipercha when there is a reinforced concrete structure available, providing an effective and reliable anchoring point in just a few minutes to protect workers exposed to the hazard of falls from height during the performance of their work. This is one of the most demanded alternatives of the Alsipercha family accessories, due to its great installation versatility, its wide scope of application, and its assembly speed and simplicity.

8.- Alsipercha / Alupercha + Rail: this is the combination of the full range of Alsipercha accessories available, with a rigid lifeline that eliminates the possible pendulum effect in case of registering the fall of a user. It is the perfect combination for industrial environments where work on tank trucks keeps being a critical task, providing an effective and reliable anchoring point at 6.5m in height, and admitting up to 2 users simultaneously.


The retractable device is connected to a trolley that slides through the rail rigid lifeline, following the user at all times and standing permanently above the user’s head, reducing the potential pendulum effect produced in case of fall.

Besides, the rail has the ATEX certification for potentially explosive environments. Available in two possible standard combinations (6 or 12 ml), it allows extensions in 6 ml sections, and offers the possibility of assembly in fixed or folding format, for those who need to fold the whole system without interfering with any other element. (Overhead cranes, rail catenaries, etc.).

With these eight combinations companies in sectors as varied as construction, industry or logistics can find their perfect option for an optimal use of the Alsipercha adapted to their particular needs to ensure the safety of its operators at all times.


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