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Bridge Construction Typology | The Piers

According to the definition, The Piers, are the vertical support structures of bridges. They are the intermediate supports, whose function is to transmit the forces they receive from the load-bearing elements to the foundations.

What type of piers are there?

There are many types of piers, and they vary according to structural design, aesthetic and economic factors. The variables that go into the design of the piers are therefore multiple: The size of the loads they receive from the deck, the height, the width of the deck, and the context in which they are located.

Before we start then, let’s identify the elements that make up the piers:

1. Deck
2. Lintel
3. Pile
4. Foundation
5. Piles

In civil works, piers can be classified according to 2 main characteristics: shape and section.

Let’s take a look!

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