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New Alsina formwork surfaces brochure


Alsina has launched a new catalog with the complete sample of Alsina shuttering formwork surfaces for all kinds of projects and situations.

The Alsina Plywood and Alsina Shuttering Panels are a select variety that make it possible to always select the product that best adapts to the needs of the project.


Alsina Plywood

Formwork system perfect for situations requiring a high level of surface fi nish, such as exposed concrete.

Alsina has a wide and renewed range of phenolic panels: Special, Nördic, Siberian, Combi, Protect y Eco


Alisan shuttering panels

Formwork boards made from glued solid wood. Widely used in any formwork of concrete slabs and work platforms, as well as foundation formwork.

Alsina has its solid Wood panel and 3-ply panel range of great durability to provide solutions to different loading needs.


Download the brochure here