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Atlantic Sapphire Salmon food industry plant

Industry and energy
We has executed various projects related to industry and energy sectors

Alsina USA participated in the construction of a food industry plant that consists of large salmon farms in Homestead city (Miami). This project is divided into 3 well-differentiated phases:

Phase 1: with an investment of 100 dollars; this phase has the goal of building the first structures capable of producing 10,000 tons of salmon per year.

Phases 2 and 3: with an investment of about 600 million dollars, several structures capable of producing 90,000 tons of salmon per year will be built. These two phases will take 5 and 7 years respectively.

All the tanks built that will service throughout the salmon life cycle will be made of concrete on site. The structures are made of different geometries and heights, the most important ones being a set of 10 tanks with walls up to 6 meters high. This makes the formwork process more difficult due to the high pressure exerted by concrete poured into formwork at such height. In addition to the technical issues related to the formwork height, the great challenge for Alsina has been to provide a large amount of material needed for the work in record time.

Alsina: practical and efficient formwork solutions

For the implementation of the project, Alsina provided its Alisply Walls and Alisply Circular formwork systems.

The Alisply Walls modular formwork system is a resistant, versatile and compatible system in its accessories with each of the Alisply family systems. This makes the use of the equipment onsite very profitable. The formwork surface of the Alisply system is phenolic; therefore, it offers multiple advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, greater quality of the concrete, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

Alisply Circular is a reusable modular formwork system   for circular walls made of finished concrete. It is a fast and cost-effective system designed to be used with a crane, consisting of a galvanized steel frame and a phenolic resin-coated plywood surface. The modules of the system come pre-assembled from the factory and during construction it is only necessary to give the required radius. The panel includes the necessary components and does not require any special tool to curve the plywood.

Project Details
Homestead (Miami), USA
Industry and Energy
Alisply Walls, Alisply Circular Walls


Alisply Circular
Alisply Walls


Clear Filters
Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant
Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant

Alsina has successfully completed their contribution as provider in the construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the Cerro Verde Mining Project in Arequipa

Textile Factory
Textile Factory

Located in the south of Lima (Peru), the Textile Factory building is a project of great importance to the province of Lima

Oil refinery expansion
Oil refinery expansion

Alsina participated in the construction of an oil refinery expansion in Spain.

Flour Tanks
Flour Tanks

Alsina participated in the construction of two main buildings a deposit for cereal and a warehouse for grain cleaning in Italy



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