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Industrial flour mill

Industry and energy
We has executed various projects related to industry and energy sectors

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in the Philippines participated in the construction of the Subic flour mill in the city of Zambales (Philippines), in charge of the client Sta. Clara.

This industrial construction, which was completed that same year, involved the execution of the walls, slabs, beams and columns of the mill, for which Alsina supplied a great variety of its formwork solutions.

For the implementation of the project, Alsina supplied its MecanoflexMultiformVCM Friendly Beam and Alisply Walls Handset, as well as Alisan ScaffoldingCL-40 Shoring systemAR-80 Shoring SystemAlisply Circular WallsAlisply WallsC-240 Climbing System and interior climbing system, all of which contributed to the quality, productivity and efficiency of the project.

It is worth noting that the use of the Multiform tables system is specially designed for projects with large dimensioned slabs, and with a surface area where the corresponding pier distribution has a regular geometry, hence the system has greatly helped to achieve the implementation of the work according to the rhythms and cycles planned by the customer.

The Multiform system, consisting of double UPN metal beams and wooden beams, is one of Alsina’s most versatile systems, allowing “ad hoc” design of any type of recoverable formwork to implement slab, piles and pillars formwork of all geometries, as well as straight walls, curved walls, one-side walls, bridge decks and climbing elements.

Project Details
Zambales, Philippines
Industry and Energy
Mecanoflex, Multiform Table, Modular Hanging Beam (VCM), Alisply Manual Walls, CL Shoring System, AR Shoring System, Alisply Circular, Alisply Walls, C240 Climbing System



Clear Filters
Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant
Cerro Verde Mining Project Treatment Plant

Alsina has successfully completed their contribution as provider in the construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the Cerro Verde Mining Project in Arequipa

Textile Factory
Textile Factory

Located in the south of Lima (Peru), the Textile Factory building is a project of great importance to the province of Lima

Oil refinery expansion
Oil refinery expansion

Alsina participated in the construction of an oil refinery expansion in Spain.

Flour Tanks
Flour Tanks

Alsina participated in the construction of two main buildings a deposit for cereal and a warehouse for grain cleaning in Italy



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