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Alsina has just published corporate presentations to show its experience in such relevant projects as Housing, Civil Engineering, Water and Engineering applied to formwork. The company works hard to be recognized as one of the companies in the sector that offers one of the best services to its clients. This is due to the quality of the company human team, the range of solutions and services that Alsina offers to its clients and the business management oriented to total quality.


Complex Projects Experience

Alsina has 70 years of experience in the formwork sector. Every year we participate in thousands of projects around the world; our ability to carry out complex projects endorses us as one of the leading companies in the industry for the experience in managing complex projects.

We are a fundamental part of the business and, therefore, we understand the complexity of carrying out major projects and assume the responsibility of advising and accompanying our clients to achieve their goal.


Integral Project Management

Alsina’s technical-commercial team is made up of professionals who bring their experience and professional knowledge to offer cost-effective solutions to their clients.

We understand the projects complexity and we stand by our clients, listen to them, advise them and always offer the best alternative to solve their concrete projects “in situ”. Trust Alsina as a strategic partner.

Our challenge is to offer one of the most complete services of the market. This is why all the Alsina business areas are connected to each other with the aim of offering the best solution in each case and gaining our customers trust.


Global Logistics Service

In our business, the logistics service is key to guarantee that the work is carried out within the deadlines indicated by the client and it is determined by the very singularity of the project.

Alsina has its own network with facilities distributed throughout the world, which work hard to guarantee the equipment supply “on time” and offer the best formwork rental service in each case.

All our formwork equipment goes through the same cycle: design, manufacture, on site delivery, execution of the concrete structure, return management, equipment repair under the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015 and park rental return- ready to be used in another project. Strict compliance with this procedure ensures that Alsina equipment is suitable for the use to which it is to be submitted on site.


Global Presence with a Local Service Vocation

Currently, Alsina Group has its own network of 33 subsidiaries distributed throughout the world. About 800 people work there. The Alsina staff is interconnected through an internal network, which allows them to keep up with the company news around the world. Contact your local office to find out more about Alsina Group and how we can help you with your concrete structure in an economical and reliable way.


Alsina MecanoConcept Experience

One of the keys to Alsina’s expansion is based on the implementation of its slab formwork systems. All these systems have been designed and perfected to offer a greater profitability than with the usual wood systems.

“Mecano Alsina” comprises a wide range of systems that allow you to execute any type of slab work in all the markets where Alsina operates. Alsina’s ability to adapt its systems to different construction needs has been a success.

Alsina slab formwork systems are used in homes, corporate buildings, hotels, museums, sports centers, health centers, schools and universities among other residential and non-residential projects.


Alsina Water Projects Experience

Alsina is a benchmark in the execution of wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants and hydraulic works in general. The productivity of our systems in this type of works is key, and we must add the development of special solutions for complex issues. Having collaborated in thousands of projects endorses our ability to tackle these types of projects.

In all these projects, we have contributed our engineering capacity, either making customized solutions that complement our formwork systems or adapting the existing ones to the needs of each project and client.


Alsina Transportation Experience

The constant investment to provide civil engineering solutions allows us to offer one of the most complete services in the market for the execution of transport infrastructures.

In addition to this, the training of Alsina’s technical team allows us to tackle such diverse projects as: overpasses, viaducts, bypasses, piles, piers, tunnels, cut and cover tunnels, etc.

Our extensive experience in international projects endorses and positions Alsina Group as a company with a high resolution capacity to effectively meet the needs of its customers.


Alsina Engineering Experience

Alsina’s experience in formwork engineering is very diverse. We are able to implement customized solutions in projects as complex as: Residential, Equipment, Housing, Civil Works, Roads, Tunnels, Water Treatment, Dams, Ports and Industry among others. Since 2016 the company has been certified ISO 9001 for its services to its customers. Here is their relationship:

  • COMPLEX STUDIES: Some solutions in formwork require a previous study to guarantee the use to which it is going to be submitted.
  • ENDORSED CALCULATION: In some cases, it is necessary to carry out a targeted study of the solution provided, AlsiTec has its own engineers.
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: AlsiTec has developed more than 75 programs (or our own) of calculation of structures and redesign of shuttering systems.
  • USE OF OUR OWN SOFTWARE: The use of our own programs allows us to offer customized solutions to our clients. Each year we study over 6000 projects.
  • TECHNICAL REFRAMING: We offer a detailed account and plan of all the proposed solutions, with guaranteed success.
  • “IN SITU” SERVICE: Complex structures require a prior study to offer the correct solution in a safe and profitable way.

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