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Bolívar – Cerrejón Port

Maritime works
We has executed various projects related to the marine environment

It is the most important coal mining station in Latin America and one of the world’s largest. Its navigation channel is 19 meters deep, 225 meters wide and 4 kilometers long. It also has a supply pier to house ships of up to 30.000 tonnes, with machinery, spare parts, fuels and other materials used in mining. For this project Alsina designed a special mold for the hexapod.

For this project, we were tasked with creating the moldings to build the prefabricated 6 m3 Accropodes.

This kind of formwork is a special metallic formwork which suits every project’s needs. The formwork is intended for prefabricated parts and is able to adapt to any shape, be them cubic blocks, cubipods, edge slabs, tetrapods,… Our formworks for prefabricated are designed to achieve high performance yields while striving for speed in tasks related to setting up or dismounting formworks and keeping workplace safety.

Project Details
Bahía Portete, Colombia
Maritime Works


Alisply Muri


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Bolívar – Cerrejón Port
Bolívar – Cerrejón Port

It is the most important coal mining station in Latin America and one of the world’s largest

Blanes Port
Blanes Port

This project is based in a seawall for the expasion of the Port of Blanes, in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Port Extension
Barcelona’s Port Extension

Alsina collaborated in the construction of a submerged mooring at ​​the Civil Guard area in the Port of Barcelona.

Port of Alicante extension
Port of Alicante extension

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Alicante collaborated in the extension of pier number 13 of the Port of Alicante (Spain)

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