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The Labor Foundation creates a new web space to spread good ergonomic practices in the construction process


The Construction Labor Foundation has created a new web space called ERGOclick, designed to offer information related exclusively to the ergonomic risks identified in the different trades of the construction sector.

The space is accessible through Línea Prevención and aims to provide useful information to help prevent damage derived from risk factors, such as manual handling of loads, forced postures and repetitive movements, which affect a significantly great part of the workers of the sector.

The website describes the most common musculoskeletal disorders in the construction process and explains their causes, the symptoms associated with these injuries and their evolution, so that the worker can recognize any damage from its initial phase and prevent it from becoming worse by means of posters, files and 15 videos, which expose the risks in different jobs and offer recommendations to reduce the incidence of damage, as well as summary files for workers, educational presentations useful for teachers, physical exercises, checklists, etc., with a very practical orientation.

These resources can be very useful for all those who work in the construction sector, and especially for formwork operator, which develops very varied and physical tasks that can benefit from better ergonomics in its development.

Access ERGOclick and start improving your working conditions!