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Bauma 2019 closes its doors once again after a new year of successful participation of exhibitors and visitors


This week has been very intense at the Munich Exhibition Fairgrounds, from the very moment of the opening there has been a great atmosphere both at the fair and at our stand. During the week, our sales team has been very busy answering all the questions from the visitors interested in our company, our products and our services. Something we call FORMWORK AS A SERVICE.


Alsina is at the bauma fair once again

According to the CEO of Alsina, “both the exhibitors and the visitors are interested in being part of the bauma fair”. This this so because each edition of the fair exceeds people’s expectations thanks to the efforts of all the agents involved in getting bauma to continue to be the benchmark event in the building industry, and -as usual -Alsina has been part of this event.

Our participation at the bauma fair reinforces the current positioning of Alsina as a global brand, both in the formwork sector and in the building industry. 70 years of professional experience, more than 75 systems and its own presence in 17 markets with 33 logistics subsidiaries make Alsina Group an international reality and a benchmark in each of the local markets where it operates.

We continue to add value to the formwork sector

We bring innovation in our DNA, transmitted by the founders of the company, and this makes us more and more self-demanding and encourages us to work hard to continue adding value to the formwork sector. As usual in Alsina, in this edition we have also presented new products for the sector, mainly the new ALUPERCHA system designed to avoid accidents in the slab construction process.

One of the main concerns of our engineering team is to ensure the ergonomics of the workers in the formwork process. Along these lines, the MODULAR HANGING BEAM system features a recoverable beam formwork system that solves this type of structure efficiently, safely and ecologically. We could continue referring to our portfolio of star products formed by a range of products like slab formwork systems, column formwork systems, walls and post-shores, which are a reference in the market sector where Alsina operates.


For Alsina group, the most important recognition of our work always comes from our clients. We want to thank the companies that trusts us 4000 times a year so that we can help them carry out their concrete structure projects successfully. It is extremely rewarding to reach these numbers, but maintaining a competitive level implies a high responsibility that Alsina does not avoid because it is part of our core business.


We hope to see you again in bauma 2022!!!

Alsina Group

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