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Alsina launches a video of the Modular Hanging Beam system (MHB)


Alsina presents the video for its modular hanging beam system. The first formwork system designed specifically for hanging and reusable beam formwork. Once the beam is concreted, most of its elements are recovered after 72 hours.

It is a metal system made of a reinforced steel frame and phenolic formwork surface that is easy to assemble and that solves the problems arising from using wood and non-recoverable beam formwork.

MHB is a light system for hand use (22 kg/m2) and is resistant for the load that it must support (25 kN/m2). The system also considers the shoring needed from the beginning to be able to partially disassemble the formwork without affecting the struts that accompany the structure to obtain its strength, which means that the sides and part of the bases can be recovered, while also considering consoles for emptying the structure, so that operators can work properly without bending or hanging, maintaining the correct ergonomics and working comfortably and safely.

With this new system, Alsina helps make beam formwork an orderly, safe and profitable process, since it is designed to reduce time and improve the quality of the formwork and removal of the beams.

The MHB system has been used successfully in several projects, including:

  1. The Technological University of Peru (UTP)
  2. Vista Verde residential complex in Peru
  3. Curicó Hospital in Chile
  4. “El Encanto” residential complex in Mexico
  5. Clariant residential complex in India


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