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Alsina has just updated its Mecanoflex system video: the use of on-site images, 3D rendering and ad-hoc montages for the video, make the piece of just over 5 minutes instructive, enjoyable and accurate.


Long international experience

This new video presents the product’s main characteristics and best practices in terms of its use, which have been perfected over the more than 10 years of its existence.

Mecanoflex is the main slab system in 9 of Alsina’s markets and its market share is growing year after year.


Versatility in concrete slab formwork

The video specially emphasizes the system’s versatility, highlighting its simplicity due to its similarity with more traditional formwork systems, which are usually made of wood.

The main advantages of this system over the others focus on its versatility, durability and productivity:

  • Versatility: The possibility of using the male-female connection system and overlapping the beams, makes this system flexible and useful for both slabs with a large presence of hanging beams as well as for flat slabs. In addition, the system is optimized for using props between 10 and 20kN (such as Alisan, Alisan Plus, Europrop A and Europrop G props).
  • Durability: The used materials exponentially increase the life of its components compared to other wood systems, which get usually damaged when they fall or are cut on site.
  • Productivity: The best performance on site is achieved thanks to the technology incorporated in its components: “Us” in the support girders (for positioning the girders – secondary beams-), plugs (for positioning the struts without the need of clamps), embedded wood (to nail phenolic or board), etc.


New Video of slabs system Mecanoflex by Alsina

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