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Barcelona’s Port Extension

Maritime works
We has executed various projects related to the marine environment

Alsina collaborated in the construction of a submerged mooring at ​​the Civil Guard area in the Port of Barcelona. ​​For this project, Alsina is using its Capping Beam formwork system, as well as its Alisply Heavy Walls and Vertical Multiform formwork systems.

Alsina’s Capping beam system is a semiautomatic formwork solution that allows performing concrete formwork sections on three sides. It is a very versatile system, as it is able to adapt to any geometry. This system allows a seamless move to the next section by having front and rear wheeled frames, as well as and easy removal due to the mechanical and/or hydraulic system used in the stripping function, a semi-automatic driving system of 3 immersed formwork sides that, with just a single crane, achieves the stripping of the three sides and allows, from the previous set, placing the dywidag bars without the need to completely remove the formwork out of water, making it ready for next set.

Formwork dimensions are 9 meters by 3.75 meters wide, and 4.40 meters high. The mooring is divided into twelve sets, performing sets on three sides, except for the first set, which is implemented at four sides, and only removing the formwork above water at the moment in which we must add or remove any side.

On the other hand, Alsina is using its Alisply Heavy Walls system, a recoverable formwork system for concrete walls designed to be used with a crane and which allows the implementation of large surfaces with minimal joints between the panels; as well as Vertical Multiform, an also recoverable, versatile, modular and cost-effective system for the implementation of straight sided walls with all kinds of polygonal geometries and a concrete finish.

With this project, Alsina adds another maritime project to its already large work experience in the construction of port storage pits, dock extensions, maritime displays, harbor lighthouses, capping beams, shoulders and building dikes to cope with the force of the sea. In all these projects Alsina brings its engineering capacity, whether performing solutions that complement its formwork systems or adapting existing ones to the needs of each project and client. In addition to Alsina’s experience, the group also offers the knowledge and systems of the company Rubrica to expand Alsina’s services in the safe execution of concrete structures in such a complex environment as the maritime.

Project Details
Barcelona, Spain
Maritime Works
Alisply Walls, Multiform Vertical


Alisply Muros
Multiform Vertical


Clear Filters
Bolívar – Cerrejón Port
Bolívar – Cerrejón Port

It is the most important coal mining station in Latin America and one of the world’s largest

Blanes Port
Blanes Port

This project is based in a seawall for the expasion of the Port of Blanes, in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Port Extension
Barcelona’s Port Extension

Alsina collaborated in the construction of a submerged mooring at ​​the Civil Guard area in the Port of Barcelona.

Port of Alicante extension
Port of Alicante extension

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Alicante collaborated in the extension of pier number 13 of the Port of Alicante (Spain)

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