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University of Pisa

WE ARE one of the international leaders in the implementation of NON RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS

The structure of the New Guidotti Educational Center of the University of Pisa was completed consists of four buildings of different heights, will house 4 educational workshops and 11 new classrooms with 1,300 spaces, covering an area of around 3,400 square meters.

The project is part of the historical town of the city of Pisa, and tries to get close to the old city and its articulation. The main building is the hall, a closed and open space thanks to the decking with triangular sails, which works as a passage between the city and the garden inside the buildings.

Alsina: climbing solutions for exposed walls.

To build the structure of the four buildings, Alsina provided around 400 square meters of the Vistaform Walls system with wooden beams, with the use of the C-160 Climbing System to raise the walls. In order to guarantee the visible architectural finishing required for the project, all the external side of the walls’ formwork was covered with a phenolic coating. The formwork design was functional to the architectural demands in terms of panel linking and symmetric positioning of the straps, using the same holes to support the climbing brackets of the next work. Special sponges were also used according to the panels, in order to avoid the grout coming off and to have a perfect wall sealing, and therefore, its finishing.

The numerous work scaffolds for the execution of the buildings were made with the CL-40 Shoring system, which guarantees the correct load at heights and total safety for the workers. Alsina’s CL-40 Shoring System is a very versatile and easy to mount system for the making of buildings at heights; it is formed by vertical support elements and a system of multidirectional connections which allows the formation of joined and independent tower configurations, and to add compatible elements such as the access ladder. It is a multidirectional system with a high loading capacity (up to 4 Tons / leg), which enables the formwork of any horizontal structure.

Project Details
Pisa, Italy
Non Residential Building
Vistaform, C-160 Climbing System, CL Shoring System, 


Sistema Trepante C-160
Cimbre CL


Clear Filters
Amador Convention Center
Amador Convention Center

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Panama collaborated in the construction of the Amador Convention Center, in Panama City.

University of Pisa
University of Pisa

The structure of the New Guidotti Educational Center of the University of Pisa.

Sailing Center
Sailing Center

The construction of the Center for High Performance Sailing is done by the Council of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía.

Lidl Supermarket
Lidl Supermarket

Alsina Formworks collaborated in the construction of the most modern Lidl Supermarket in Spain.

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