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Alsina presents the Alupercha system as a novelty at Bauma 2019


The Alupercha is a lightweight fall arrest system.

Weighing just 19kg, the aluminium engineered Alupercha removes the need for a crane installation and can be installed single-handedly.

Just like the Alsipercha, the strong, lightweight Alupercha ensures complete fall safety when mounting decking panels, edge protection, slab edges and generally all formwork assembly activities where a fall from height presents a significant risk.

The Alupercha provides the worker with a 360˚ freedom of movement, with no trip hazard, allowing the operator to work safely covering an area of 125 m2, allowing the worker to move within a radius of 6 m around the column.

The built-in energy absorber ergonomically reduces the force of a fall and together with the retractable fall arrest block, Alupercha can safely deliver a fall factor of zero.

Easy and simple to use, it can be erected in just 30 seconds, and is fully compatible with the wide range of Alsipercha accessories.

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