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Alsina updates its Alsipercha website


The Alsina Group has updated its website dedicated to the range of available solutions from the Alsipercha safety product family:

The new website, which can be accessed in Spanish and English, has a new design, which includes news related to the product as well as its different applications in the construction, industry, and logistics sectors.

Furthermore, it offers visitors the possibility to sign up to a newsletter with relevant information and the option to download catalogs, assembly manuals, and certificates and reports (CE, OSHA/ANSI-CSA, etc).


Alsipercha was created as a revolutionary individual protection product to prevent workers from falling from heights, and has quickly expanded its range of accessories and solutions, which has turned it into one of the Alsina Group’s flagship safety products.

In 2012, its solid and exponential yearly growth led to the creation of a dedicated website for consulting all its advantages and possible uses, apart from showing real cases, and providing all the necessary technical and commercial information.


Alsipercha consists of an individual protection system, made with a foldable steel body and a retractable device which is blocked in the case of acceleration during a fall, preventing the user from falling from a height. Thanks to its innovative design, it provides total freedom of movement (360º) turning on its own axis and allows workers to perform installation procedures involving panels, guardrails, formwork risers, and generally all formwork assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights in an entirely safe manner.


Alsipercha can be combined with a wide range of accessories, including:

-Housing tube (used during the horizontal slab formwork phase)

-Metal Column Clamps (set of adjustable clamps to connect to IPN-HEB type columns between 15-45 cm)

-Tripod (to load/unload trucks, available in 2 heights: 5.5 and 6.5 m)

-MF counterweight (with no need for anchorage, it uses the weight of the truck itself as a counterweight, to load/unload trucks. Available in 2 heights: 5.5 and 6.5 m)

-Post (support which significantly reduces the anchorage space of the system)

-Wall Connector (wall connection support)

-RAIL (ATEX certified rigid life line, which can be combined with a tripod, metal column clamps, MF counterweight, post, or wall connector)


This wide range of possible solutions have made it a worldwide reference in protection products for falls from a height, both in the construction sector where it has been a market leader for more than 15 years, as well as in industrial sectors, thanks to its great versatility and the vast extent of multiple combinations possible.

This new website also includes the recent launch of ALUPERCHA, which is a light and manually-assembled version of the original ALSIPERCHA.


The website provides structured and easy access to all information about this safety product and also serves to facilitate the opening of the product to new markets.  

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