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Subway Line 2

Tunnels and Bridges
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In 2009 a series of studies to provide Panama City with a subway-type transportation system was begun, and Line 1 was designed on this basis. The Metro Secretariat of Panama considered the Metro system as the structuring component of the integrated network of public transportation in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Panama; consequently, it analyzed and proposed a mass transportation master network in the metropolitan area in ​​the city, considering the year 2035 as the planning horizon.

Subway Line 2 in Panama City is 21 km long and it covers the east – west route of the city. According to the studies carried out, in the year 2035 the population will be of more than 750 thousand inhabitants, with an increased amount of over 400 daily journeys by people using public transportation from the suburbs to the city center –and the other way round.

This civil engineering design and building project includes the construction of 16 stations along the route. It also entails important improvements around the stations in pedestrian and road accesses. It is worth highlighting that Alsina Panama began its collaboration in 2012 in the construction of line 1 of the Panama subway system, and it has now participated in the building of line 2.

Alsina: effective solutions adapted to the customer

Alsina Panama is participating in the construction of several building phases of the project; more specifically, it has supplied equipment for the building of 6 simple porticos and 1 double portico of sizes ranging from 15 meters high to 24 meters wide.

Alsina has adapted to the needs of the customers, who wanted a formwork system that could be assembled on the ground, lifted up with a crane and removed without disassembly with a crane. In addition to this, to meet the demands of finishing, the difficulty has been to build the portico with the passage of vehicles on an urban road with a lot of traffic.

To carry out this project, Alsina has supplied a mix of formwork materials and shoring systems. The building of the porticos has been made with the use of the Shoring AR-80 for shoring the porticosthe Multiform system for the bottom of the portico, the   Alisply Walls system for the side of the portico and the Access Ladder that guarantees the safe circulation of workers and technicians on site.

The Alsina Alisply range includes several systems of recoverable formwork for the construction of walls and pillars. It is a resistant, versatile and compatible system of accessories, which makes the use of the equipment on the jobsite very profitable. The formwork surface of the different types of Alisply is phenolic, so it offers multiple advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

On the other hand, the Multiform system– formed by double UPN metal beams, wooden beams, strips and aligners –is one of the most versatile system of Alsina, because it allows to design the needed recoverable formwork “ad hoc”, to adapt to any type of surface, whether it consists of straight, curved, single-sided walls, lintels or bridge decks.

Project Details
Tunnels and Bridges
Multiform Bridges, Site Stair Tower, Alisply Manual, AR Shoring System


Scară de acces
Alisply Manual
Eșafodaj AR
Multiform pentru poduri


Clear Filters
False tunnel in Rzeszów
False tunnel in Rzeszów

Alsina’s Formwork Polish subsidiary participated in the construction of a false tunnel in the city of Rzeszów (Poland)

Railway Project
Railway Project

Alsina’s subsidiary in Morocco collaborated in the works of the Casa Kenitra railway.

Arcisate-Stabio railway
Arcisate-Stabio railway

Alsina Italy has participated in the construction of the Arcisate-Stabio railway line that will connect Switzerland to Malpensa airport.

Spanish High-Speed Railway line
Spanish High-Speed Railway line

Alsina’s Formwork collaborated in the construction of the Vilariño – Campobecerros high-speed train line sub-section in Spain.

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